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The best advice is to plan to do nothing… let Barbados come to you, and it will….. It is a glorious tropical island that still carries a rich British cultural heritage.

The West side of the island has a long line of palm fringed beaches, collectively known as the platinum coast, with all facilities available. From beach-chair hire to jet-skiing. From snorkling to sailing. It’s all available, along with wonderful beachside restaurants and cafes. The East side of the island, even though just 20 minutes away, faces the Atlantic and has a very different rugged feel with some dramatic views. The south-east is perfect for surfing and wind sailing.

For a change from the beach there are tropical gardens, forest and caves to visit. Andromeda Gardens has been described by the Royal Horticultural Society as “one of the most unique and outstanding gardens in the world”. The capital, Bridgetown has a fascinating colonial history with day tours available as well as lots of duty-free shopping!

Do try a journey on a Barbados “boogie bus”. The driving can be rather hair-raising, but you will never forget the atmosphere. They are also a practical way to get around and very affordable!

There is a reason that Barbados has so many famous resorts and is home for so many celebrities? Quite simply everyone just relaxes into the Bajan lifestyle – it can be much harder to abandon the villa’s pool than you might expect!

Part of the appeal of Barbados is the unexpected. We have sat at the pool when the odd wild monkey will appear from nowhere. If you hire a car, try a random drive around the island (it’s not that big!) on a Sunday. You will pass dozens of churches in small villages with windows wide open and hear an enthusiastic preacher giving sermon… to a completely deserted church!

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