On average we have 1000 holidaymakers each year.
We enjoy an average rating of 4.9 out of five stars from least 250 on-line reviews.

Quality Self Catering

Holiday Cottage with Affordable Price and Self-Catering Options

While planning a holiday trip it’s good to plan for accommodation at the place before you start your journey. On the spot booking usually results in high prices or location problems, which may affect your excitement to enjoy the place.  The big websites are impersonally computer-driven and it can be really hard to get human service!  No recorded messages, we have someone available at the end of a phone at all times.

These days the tourist interest has shifted largely from expensive hotels to the rental self-catering cottages which can be chosen according to the place of your interest to live and makes you free to make your own food rather than choosing up from a list of menu items.

Benefits of Choosing Self-Catering Cottage

More Hygienic and Healthy

As you are going to visit a new place new environment, you never know that your body is going to adapt it in a friendly way or not. Children like familiar foods. So, it would be better if you can cook yourself at the place, especially if you are going with your family, you should not compromise with their health.

Flexibility of Food Timings

Self-Catering  allows you to enjoy the food with your own timings, however this facility is not available at any costly hotels and other type accommodations.

More Space to enjoy with family and Friends

Holiday cottages, chalets and villas give you space to enjoy with family and friends, as the space available is a whole cottage not a single room or a limited space to move. Such type of cottages, chalets and villas have open spaces to sit or gardens to enjoy the beauty of the place. These destinations will not let you to miss out the homely feel which you enjoy at your own home.

Close interaction with the local people to know more about their lifestyle

If you are interested in interacting with the local people of the place and want to know more about the place and their lifestyle a holiday home gives you far more opportunity than a hotel or resort.

Pocket Friendly

When you are going to manage yourself for the food you are going to save more. So, self-catering option is a pocket friendly option making your trip more affordable in terms of expenses.

Why to Choose Marks Places?

Marks Places offers you choice from a big pool of accommodation at popular tourist destinations that are just off the beaten track. You can explore each and every property by visiting their individual page at our website and can look for the optimum chalet according to you interest and economical budget. We serve for every class of accommodation with all at reasonable prices at different places.

Customer Feedback to Marks Places

If you still have any doubt about our quality of service you can have a look at our customer feedback and online reviews. On an average of 1000 holidaymakers we enjoy the average rating of 4.9 with approximately 250 reviews each year.

Major Locations We Serve

We are available in the most widely visited countries by tourists that are France, Italy, Switzerland and United Kingdom. So, when you are going to plan a trip for one of these countries, remember Marks Places to hire for an easy and enjoyable stay.


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