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Getting There

It easy to get Chalet Rhaetia by car or train. The nearest airport is Zurich. Zurich is served by all the major airlines, and very cheap deals can be found on the internet from Swiss and other airlines even for peak Saturdays, provided booking is made well in advance. A less well known low cost airline based in Zurich is EasyJet serves Basel, which is about one hour's drive or direct train from Zurich.
If using GPS the position of the Chalet is: .

For Sat Nav use the postcode: Klosters Dorf CH-7252
or lat/long: 46.885598, 9.870890

Chalet Address

6B Kantonsstrasse
7252 Klosters
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  • By Car from Zurich

    Most car hire firms have offices within the airport, and there is a mainline railway station literally under the airport terminal. If you rent a car at the airport, or are driving your own car, drive towards "Zurich City". Within 2 miles the town of "Chur" will be signposted on the right, before reaching the middle of Zurich. Follow the signs for Chur across the city. After about 8km, by the lake there are green signs for the motorway all the way to Chur. Stay on the E3 motorway for around 1 1/2hrs. Turn off the motorway at Landquart and take route 28, immediately signposted, to Davos. Klosters is on the way to Davos, about 30mins from Landquart. From December 05 the road to Davos will separate from the road to Klosters about 20km after Landquart. Traffic for Davos will bypass Klosters. Two kilometers after the road split a blue sign announces "Klosters". A further 2km into Klosters there is a large sign for "Bargis Gasthaus" on the left. Turn left off the main road at the sign as if going to Bargis, but instead of stopping at Bargis, follow the short ramp on the right. The door to the chalet is the second one on the left.
    Snow chains are very rarely needed for the road to the chalet, although winter tyres are recommended during the season. Swiss hire cars are fitted with winter tyres and have a set of snow chains in the car by law. Whilst a car increases flexibility, the chalet owner has never used a car in winter as the ski areas and other facilities are so easily accessible by public transport. The chalet is so conveniently located for Klosters Dorf station that the owner and his three young children walk simply walk to and from the chalet, complete with luggage, upon arrival and departure!

  • By Train from Zurich

    Follow the signs to the railway station beneath the airport and buy a ticket to Klosters Dorf. Take one of the six or so trains an hour to the Zurich Main Railway Station "Hauptbahnhof". Then change trains to one of the two trains bound for Chur that leave around 10 past and 30 minutes past the hour. Get off at Landquart (all stations are announced on Swiss trains). Cross the platforms to the mountain railway ("RhB") to Klosters and Davos. There will be two trains marked for Klosters, but only one of them stops at Klosters Dorf. Check that you are on the right train! Get off at Klosters Dorf station, 40 minutes from Landquart. Turn left (north) on Bahnhofstrasse. The chalet is just 4 minutes walk from the railway station as shown on the map above, by the Bargis Gasthaus.

    Klosters Dorf Railway Station
    Klosters Dorf Railway Station
    Looking at the image set off away and left to get to the Chalet

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