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Destination Guide

The cottage is in a hamlet deep in the countryside around Saint Germain-en -Cogles, a very pretty village surrounded by woods and hills, and in an area of pleasant countryside with sunken lanes, woods, châteaux, and pretty French villages.


On the borders of Normandy and Brittany, it encapsulates the charms of both areas at their best, with the famous bocage countryside characterized by small fields surrounded by hedges, interspersed with groves of trees, together with the sense of mystery of Brittany. Yet it is just an hour from the sea and the world-famous Mont St Michel,the medieval walled port of Saint Malo, and the Brittany coastal path.

Nearby Villages and Attractions

  • Coglais and The Surrounding Area

    Coglais – area of bocage, lakes, woods, chateau. See


  • Walks

    There is also a folder of walks – Randoguide. Particularly to be recommended are Cirque du Diable and La Marche des Chateaux.

    Close to the house, take the sunken lane which links the hamlet to the village (left out of the house, right, left and left again. Arrive at a small village called La Volerie and you will see a wooded hillside rising up in front of you.

    If you just want to walk around the village, there is a lovely ‘Jardin d’eau’ with an exhibition of water.
    Further away, but still very much worth it, is the Forest of Fougeres. The map of Fougeres will indicate how to get there.


  • Parc Floral de Haute Bretagne

    Specially constructed themed gardens very close by, you can also get one of the best cups of tea in France.


  • Fougères

    Fougères castle, and town, very lovely old bit with streets winding up the bluff, gardens, and a lovely museum dedicated to Emmanuel de la Villéon, a Breton impressionist.


  • Le château du Rocher Portail

    Le château du Rocher Portail (Maen Roch, Saint-Brice-en-Coglès) is a real Renaissance chateau, within five miles.


  • Within easy distance

    Also worth visiting, are:

    Mont St Michel (though not in high season).

    Vitré and Dinan – medieval towns.

    St Malo and the Emerald coast.

    Rennes – capital of Brittany.

    Bécherel – other side of Rennes, the ‘Hay on Wye’ of France.


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