Getting There

For Sat Nav use the lat/long: 48.396417, -1.254271
See below for detailed directions starting from Cherbourg, Rennes and Caen.

La Revenuais
35133 St Germain en Cogles

(A word of explanation about French addresses: the numerical post code covers not a street as in the UK, but a whole area. Therefore if you put a post code into a sat nav, you need also to add the hamlet name – La Revenuais – which will at least lead you to the group of houses – can be up to a dozen, fairly spread out – only one of which is your ultimate destination.)

Tel: 0033 (fr UK) 0 (fr France) 299955587 fixed line
0044 (fr France) 0 (fr UK) 7931 724606 mobile

  • Directions from Cherbourg

    Follow signs to Caen, Rennes, st Malo. You will go through St Lo on the E3 etc. and various N roads, to get onto the A84, direction st Malo, Rennes etc.

    Get off at Junction 30, and at the roundabout, follow signs for St Germain en Cogles, and then follow directions as below.

  • Directions from Rennes

    Get onto the A84, the major motorway which leads from Rennes to Caen – you want Caen direction.

    Get off at Junction 30, which should be signposted St Germain en Cogles as well as Fougeres, St Brice en Cogles, St Etienne en Cogles etc. The turnoff intersects directly with the D155, and you turn right. The turn-off to St Germain will be a left turning about 2 miles down that road, past signs to St Eustache’s chapel.

    Once you are on the St Germain road, follow it round various twists and bends and past a Renault garage on the right until you get into St Germain. You will eventually come to a roundabout, and you want to take the first turning on the right, with the Mairie on your right and a large car park on your left. Go down this road for about a mile past the village cancellation sign until you see a (small) sign to La Revenuais on your left, just before a large wall of trees.

  • Directions from Caen

    If you take the A84 from Caen or Cherbourg, then much of the above is the same, except at J30 you will exit onto a roundabout, and the road you want (signposted Fougeres/St Germain) is the furthest left.

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